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Edinburgh AFOL Meet up Evening of Tuesday 15th November, Fountain Park

DougTemplarDougTemplar Edinburgh, ScotlandMember Posts: 631
Just had the venue confirmed okay for Tuesday 15th of November for Edinburgh AFOL Evening Gathering....

No surprise but it's the same venue as the last couple of meet ups.  The function room on the at Mccowans Brewhouse, Fountain Park, 134 Dundee St, Edinburgh EH11 1AF.  Starting from around 6pm but lasting a good few hours for those who are going to be later (which could be me as well - but since I'm planning getting food there hopefully not too late)

Fingers crossed folks can make it.

As well as all the other LEGO stuff we'll be talking about (and hopefully I can actually bring something I've had time to build) I expect we'll be discussing what folks ideas/plans are for builds for the Edinburgh Comic Con 2017 (15&16th April) which is talking about giving AFOLs a LEGO Zone to put out stuff on display - ie much more space than last year! That build will be open to EVERYONE I should add not just those in Edinburgh!
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