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[US/WW] WTTF Holiday Star Wars Minifigs

goshe7goshe7 Columbus, Ohio, USAMember Posts: 515
I realize my collection of the holiday themed Star Wars minifigs is severely lacking.  I'm most focused on Santa Darth Vader (#1 target), Santa Darth Maul, & Santa C-3PO.  Reindeer R2-D2, Snowman R2-D2, and Festive Astromech would also be of interest.  New or like-new (assembled and displayed  or equivalent) condition is desired.

I have the following to offer for trade:
#5004408 - Rebel A-Wing Pilot
#5004406 - First Order General
#5002946 - Silver Centurion polybag
#5000193818 - Dr. Wu polybag
#5003048 - Hulk Polybag
#5002938 - Stormtrooper Sergeant
#40052 - Springtime Scene (with price tag)
#40109 - Mini Cooper
#30168 - Iron Patriot Polybag (otherwise known as Gun Mounting System)
#30201 - Ghost 
#5000063 - TC-14
#40078 - Hot Dog Cart
#5002127 - Flashback Shredder

CMF Series 1 Cowboy 
CMF Series 1 Diver
CMF Series 1 Forestman
CMF Series 1 Clown
CMF Series 1 Robot
CMF Series 1 Ninja
CMF Series 1 Wrestler
CMF Series 1 Cheerleader
CMF Series 1 Zombie
CMF Series 2 Witch
- All Series 1 & 2 CMF are sealed and identified by bar code

CMF Series 3 Elf (have multiples sealed, but can open) - Identified by squoosh

Given the ridiculous US to International postage rates, I would prefer a trade within the US.  Given the price of Santa Vader, I could possibly due an international trade if it would fulfill more of my want list.
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