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US - FS Lot of Lego DC Minifigures - 44 in total!

BazookaJoeX9BazookaJoeX9 Member Posts: 98
Looking to sell my entire lot of DC Superheroes minifigures. These are all adult owned and have never been played with. They have been pulled from their sets and put into storage. This sale includes minifigure accessories. Asking price is $350 or OBO plus the cost of shipping. Message me if you have any questions or would like me to email you pictures.

Aquaman - SH050
Arctic Batman - SH047
Bane - SH009
Batgirl - SH092
Batman - Black Suit w/ Yellow - SH016A
Batman - Dark Blue Websuit - SH097
Batman - Dark Blue Gray Suit - SH089
Batman - Light Blue Gray Suit - SH025
Batman - Wings and Jet Pack - SH019
Batzarro - SH163
Brainiac - SH159
Catwoman - SH006
Cyborg - SH155
Darkseid - SH152
General Zod - SH078
Green Arrow - SH153
Green Lantern - SH145
Harley Quinn - Black and red - SH024
Hawkman - SH154
Jor-El - SH082
Lex Luthor -SH012
Lightning Lad - SH211
Man-Bat - SH086
Martian Manhunter - SH114
Martian Manhunter w/ cape - SH158
Mr. Freeze - SH049
Nightwing - SH085
Plastic Man - SH142
Poison Ivy - SH010
Robin - Black Cape - SH011
Sinestro - SH144
Space Batman - SH146
Superboy - SH143
Supergirl - SH157
Superman - Dual Sided - SH156
Superman - Dark Blue Suit - SH077
Superman - Knit Cape - SH003A
The Flash - SH087
The Joker - Lime Vest - SH005
The Penguin - Fur Collar - SH096
The Riddler - SH008
The Riddler - Green and Dark Green - SH088
Trickster - SH210
Wonder Woman - SH004
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