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2016 Brickset Secret Santa

CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,256
edited October 2016 in Community and Events

The annual Brickset Secret Santa event has met with great success over the last three years and as such it is happening again this year, so welcome to the 2016 Brickset Secret Santa thread!

Just in case anyone is not sure what a Secret Santa is, here is a quick definition for you courtesy of the OED:

A system whereby each participant is randomly assigned another participant for whom to buy a Christmas present at an agreed cost, so that each member buys one present and receives one present.

The rules of the Brickset Secret Santa are as follows:

- The guide price for the cost of a gift is £15, €20 or $20 (USD and CAD).
- Wish lists are welcome, so please send that with your initial message if you would like to include one, or simply make your Brickset 'wanted list' public.
- MOCs are also welcome as long as the total part value roughly corresponds with the guide prices given above.
- Please either wrap the gift before packaging it or indicate on the box that the contents are not wrapped.
- Please ensure that your gift is sent in time for Christmas, final posting dates for each country are available online.

To be a part of it is very simple:

- Sign up to be included by sending a PM with your username and mailing address to the relevant organiser.
- Your Brickset ID will then be entered into a draw.
- Names will be drawn on the 7th of November.
- Within a day or two of the draw, everyone who entered will be PMed with the name and address of the person they have been assigned to buy a gift for. 
- Purchase a gift, adhering to the cost guidelines.
- Send the gift, keeping in mind that it should arrive in time for Christmas.
- If all goes according to plan, everybody will receive their gift before Christmas!

The closing date for signing up to the 2016 Brickset Secret Santa is midnight (GMT) on the 6th of November.

Increased demand has meant that we have been able to expand the exchange this year, dividing it between the British Isles, Continental Europe and North America. This should keep postage costs to a minimum.

So, if you would like to join in, simply send a message with your shipping address and wanted list (or a link to your wanted list on the main Brickset site) to the relevant contact in your area.

United Kingdom - @snowhitie
North America - @CapnRex101‌
Continental Europe and Republic of Ireland - @cmrt1014

You can check last year's thread to get some inspiration by looking over the enormous range of gifts given in 2015 (pages 4-6). As you can see there is a lot of fun to be had, so join us and share some Christmas cheer with fellow Brickset members!


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