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FT/FS (UK >WW) CMFs and minifigs for your CMFs or *stuff*

iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
Here we go again. Looking mainly for some older CMF's. All of these figures will be used for MOC purposes so they don't have to be sealed in packets. If they're missing an accessory it's probably not a dealbreaker.

My wants list:-

S2 Mime. Can be missing an extra head or two.
S4 Punk Rocker. Can be missing guitar
S4 Street Skater. Might consider without skateboard
S4 Hazmat Guy
S5 Skater Girl. Might consider without skateboard
S6 Mechanic
S7 Hippie
S8 Vampire Bat
S8 Cheerleader
S8 Actor
S9 Plumber. MIght consider missing his plunger
S10 Librarian. WIll consider figure only.
S10 Sad Clown
S10 Trendsetter. Will consider figure only.
S10 Grandpa
S11 Sax Player
S11 Grandma. Will consider figure only.
S11 Constable
S12 Jester
S12 Pizza Guy
S12 Disco Diva

nex009 Chef Eclair
nex046 Bookkeeper

gb009 Zombie Driver
gb010 Library Ghost

sh256 Scarlet Witch
sh290 Ra's Al Ghul

scd009 Zombie/Zeke

Zombies and ghosts - but not series 14's thanks as I have loads already.

Grey zombie heads/hands.
Possibly POTC zombie or LOTR orc heads/hands.

If anyone Stateside was looking to offload some Darth Revans, I'd be listening :-)

Want sealed Disneys:

Want sealed S16
Scallywag pirate x 2

My haves list for trading:-

Disney Sealed.
Mr Incredible

CMF16 Sealed.
Spy x 2
Rogue x 2
Penguin Boy x 3
Banana guy x 3
Dog Winner
Banana x 4
Wildlife Photographer

CMF14 Sealed

dim014 Cyberman

sw265 First Order Officer Female

#5004390 Nexo Knight boxed figure.

#30275 TIE Advanced
#30372 Robins Mini Fortrex x 2
#30397 Olaf Summertime x 2
#30304 Quinjet
#30320 Gallimimus Trap
#30305 Spiderman Jumper
#5002126 Martian Manhunter
#5002204 Western Emmet
#5001622 Store Employee

My haves for selling - though I may trade them for the right, or totally random offer.

Batmobile/Copter/Bike taken from #76052 Batcave - £50
Set of 8 minifigs from #70594 Lighthouse Siege. £19
Set of 6 minifigs from #70605 Misfortunes Keep - £16
Set of series 16 CMF complete, sealed - £40

Postage at cost to wherever in the world. Could also handover at GWBS on Saturday.

I may consider a trade for a bulk of minifigs from my wants - or if you have bought yourself a set that you only wanted figures from and now are looking to offload the bricks, I may be interested in the bulk bricks. Or even something completely random. I recently traded some Batcave figures for something I didn't know I wanted ;-)

I would prefer trades within the UK/EU to keep costs down, but for the right deal or sale I'm happy to post worldwide.

As always, PM's please.


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