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Crowdfunding: Tutorials to automate your Lego Trains

I've set up a fundraiser to help me make more tutorials on automating your Lego trains - click here to support me!

The first round of videos was started 18 months ago, and took me a year to complete. Since then I've had over 1,000,000 views, thousands of subscribers and hundreds of messages of (and for) support, helping people integrate the popular and cheap Arduino controllers into their train layouts. Now I want to make more videos featuring Power Function trains, bluetooth and mobile app controls, and on-board arduinos for train-based sensor detection. This fundraiser is to help me buy the lego, arduinos and assorted electronics that will feature in each video.

Planned list of videos:

  • Controlling PF trains with Arduino for absolute beginners
  • Build a mobile app and control your train via bluetooth
  • Fit an arduino to your train with dedicated sensors
  • RFID tag reading to identify locomotives and wagons on the track
  • Arduino-to-arduino wireless communications (linking locos to a central control hub)

If I exceed the target, I plan to get a Raspberry Pi too so that I can introduce how to integrate these into your train sets, and how they compare to Arduinos!

Even if you can't afford to help, you can still read the original thread over on the Eurobricks forum about these videos, and you can check out the Youtube channel for more details and your own amusement :D

TO THE MODS: Sorry if this is spam; please delete it if I'm breaking some rules I'm not aware of.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.