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Brickset Bendyless Bonus Ball Bonanza Draw 23rd Sept

Brickset Bonus Ball Bendyless Bonanza - UK Lottery Draw 23rd

With @bendybadger away on shore leave, and as I remembered, I'll kick off this weeks Polybag giveaway. Nothing too exciting, but I have this pair to hand, #30274 and #30275 Star Wars Rebels to post to the winner.

Do any new people that have recently joined wonder what this is? It's simple. Answer a question, and get a number between 1 and 59 for the UK national lottery bonus ball.  If your number gets drawn on Saturday night you win the prize.  If you don't make the first 59 replies we will laugh and ridicule you.

So, what's the question? Bit of a teaser, and keeping it OT. With so many of us collecting CMF series, what non IP figure would you like to see in a CMF line next? I'd like to add a really nicely printed postman to my line up. And he'd be a neat precursor to a modular post office.

It's harder than you think...


  • BillyBricks84BillyBricks84 Member Posts: 355
    Non-IP, huh? What about a line of presidents or world leaders? I could have a President Obama minifig battling alongside the Avengers in a fight against Smaug. I assume that is the kind of thing he will do once he is out of the White House. 
  • MasterBeefyMasterBeefy Member Posts: 122
    Thanks for running this weeks giveaway Iso, I think a very likely cmf a lot of would like of us would like to see is a hazmat lady. 
  • cmrt1014cmrt1014 Member Posts: 396
    How about a garbage pick up man?  Sanitation engineer?
  • Coolguy5000Coolguy5000 Member Posts: 1,588
    Accountant but I'm slightly biased on that
  • wagnerml2wagnerml2 Member Posts: 1,376
    I would like to see an executive chef with a nice detailed printed torso and an intersting new food piece. 

  • Renegade007cjhRenegade007cjh Member Posts: 696
    Oooh, nice question!! So many to choose from...

    How about the 'geek' line, with a Stamp Collector, Comic Book Dude, Train Spotter and / or the Evil LEGO Re-seller (complete with reversible head with $ signs for eyes and a tile printed with a 10179 set!)

    (to accompany the Librarian and Video Game Guy).

    I thought @joel4motion was running it this week, but as @iso3200 has kindly stepped up, I'm guessing Joel will do next week instead, then I'll do the following week and, assuming she's still okay to do so, @snowhitie can do the one after that...

  • bandit778bandit778 Member Posts: 2,398
    I would like to see a CMF (or whole line) printed in badly done fancy dress.
    e.g. where you can see the string holding a false nose on / visible t-shirt under a toga / a do it yourself Robot / Superhero costume.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    Ooh good question... Thanks for stepping in!

    I'd like a Greek philosopher or poet.
  • TheMaker37TheMaker37 Member Posts: 496
    I am biased being a carpenter, but I would like a proper construction guy complete with tool belt that you can put a hammer in, maybe a tiny tape measure that you could actually pull the tape out of. Methinks I am asking too much;)
  • historymanhistoryman Member Posts: 377
    I would love a dog walker with many leads and dogs getting tangled
  • LegopantsLegopants Member Posts: 2,097
    A chimney sweep would be quite cool.
    Or a snowman.
  • blade_guyblade_guy Member Posts: 220
    A male cheerleader to lift the girls in the air...
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,242
    edited September 2016
    By dumb happenstance, I'm in!

    Anyway, my vote would be for an Oil Rig Worker, or a Baseball Catcher.
  • adiemcadiemc Member Posts: 592
    I'd like some composers. So will say Beethoven.
  • William_TownsleyWilliam_Townsley Member Posts: 880
    Isn't there already a baseball catcher? @SumoLego
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    edited September 2016
    Good job @iso3200 , Well done @SumoLego (but at time of writing in your excitement you didn't answer the question.  I'll probably be made to look foolish by your edit though...)

    Anyway... maybe some more sports people.  A rugby man maybe, or a netball lady perhaps.

    edit: yup, you edited but you got burned by @William_Townsley (who also forgot to answer...)
  • janscjansc Member Posts: 60
    I'd like to see more Vikings. Male and female.
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
    Sex worker.
  • mampepinmampepin Member Posts: 66
    A tattoo artist!
  • LegopantsLegopants Member Posts: 2,097
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    a pimp to go along with that
    Sex worker.

    'Do you see wut I am saying!?'  ;P
  • sid3windrsid3windr Member Posts: 1,460
    To go with the above suggestions... a "Joe" - a bit nerdy and red faced maybe ;)
  • chuckpchuckp Member Posts: 684
    Plain clothes 70's police detective. Something along the lines of how the Beastie Boys looked in the Sabotage video. Big hair, crazy 'staches, the works!
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    A traditional British gent in pinstripe suit and bowler hat, with a classic triangular profile brown leather briefcase and full-length black brolly! :-)
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 Member Posts: 722
    The US presidents. 
  • masterX244masterX244 Member Posts: 536
    Computer guy
  • leetshoeleetshoe Member Posts: 262
    A guy in an apple suit to fight the banana guy
  • paul_mertonpaul_merton Member Posts: 2,967
    A stereotypical computer hacker
  • legobodlegobod Member Posts: 334
    An escapologist, easy to find because there's only chains in the bag
  • BoomDiggityBoomDiggity Member Posts: 107
    A person/child in a pumpkin costume.
  • DawnDawn Member Posts: 237
    Trump and Hillary would crack me up
  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,483
    I want a really detailed fireman. Or firewoman. :D
  • Renegade007cjhRenegade007cjh Member Posts: 696
    edited September 2016
    CCC said:
    Cow suit man.
    "A lovely, lovely cow... with lovely, lovely udders!"
    Apologies for the double post, but it had to be said!
  • khopewosinkhopewosin Member Posts: 101
    More minifigs in food based costumes would be great. A hamburger to go with the hot dog? Vegetables like broccoli? Maybe some condiments, ketchup (catsup?) bottle, etc. 
  • eggsheneggshen Member Posts: 602
    A flyfisher-person would be cool. Or a hunter with a bright orange vest. 
  • joel4motionjoel4motion Member Posts: 959
    Bugger, completely forgot about this. If someone can give me a nudge next Friday morning I'll happily sort next weeks before I go away. I'd like to see some military figures myself, real army builders.
  • SithLord196SithLord196 Member Posts: 1,161
    A guy wearing an otter suit?
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    edited September 2016
    Hmm. I would like to see....
    - A violinist
    - A chimney sweep (good one @legopants)
    - A cow suit (ditto @CCC but I'd like it to be female) 
    - A female hiker/camper 
    - An elderly lollipop lady
    - A shepherdess (Bo Peep) (with sheep) 
    - A Regency lady with parasol and bonnet. 

    I'm sure I have more...  

    Thanks for organising @iso3200
  • LuLegoLuLego Member Posts: 1,010
    great question!

    id go with a Christmas pudding suit guy!
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    Some more... 

    - girl dressed as a flower (daisy or sunflower)
    - guy dressed as a cactus 
    - female biker or mechanic
    - male equestrian
    - hair stylist (with crazy hair, scissors and comb) 
    - football referee/umpire 
    - cricketer 
    - golfer 
    - guy dressed as rubber duck
    - kid flying a kite 
    - female baker/chef
    - female hippie 

  • A sporting event streaker. No accessories, just a pair of pants.

    Or a tourist, will always have a place in a city layout.

  • LegogramLegogram Member Posts: 321
    I would love to have a full series of office, receptionist, i.t., etc.
  • raygunnraygunn Member Posts: 95
    Ooh, tricky question. How about an invisible man?
  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
    Anything with a helmet/shield/armour that looks like it could be used as a gondor soldier :)
  • jadeirenejadeirene Member Posts: 474
    Same as @CCC. Guy in a cow suit, like in LEGO Rock Band. 
  • sukhsukh Member Posts: 142
    Cricketer. Just to confuse half the world!
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,170
    It would have to be a traffic warden with an evil smirk on his/her face.
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