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[FS - US], Selling various SW, PotC, minifigs

jfk2670jfk2670 Member Posts: 20
Hi all! Hoping to sell my extra minifigs. Prices should be very close or lower than the lowest US Bricklink price for the figures. Shipping is a flat $2.50, regardless of the number of minifigs bought. 

Open to trades for any figs from here or CMF/polybags from here.


SW217  - R2-D2 - $2
GEN038 - Skeleton - $1
PHA003 - 2x Mummy Warrior w/ scarab shield - $1.5
PI110 - Pirate Vest and Anchor Tattoo, Black Leg and Peg Leg, Dark Green Bandana, Brown Moustache - $1.50
PI119 - Imperial Soldier II - $4.50
POC016 - Coachman - $2.50
POC017 - Joshamee Gibbs - $4
POC033 - Bootstrap Bill - $8.50
SW001c - Battle Droid, Straight Arm - $1
SW360 - Battle Droid Pilot - $1
SW229 - Assassin Droid (Silver) - $1
SW364 - Stormtrooper (Tatooine) with Orange Pauldron - $7
COL124 - DJ - Minifig Only - $2.50
SW440 - Republic Trooper 1 - $1.75
SW443 - Republic Trooper 2 - $1.75
SW544 - Rebel X-Wing Pilot - $3


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.