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[WIP] Rogue One Trailer - Help Needed!

Since the second week of August, I have been extremely busy lately making something that is far more advanced than anything I have ever tried before, recreating the Rogue One trailer in Lego.  I am doing this fully-CG and have been putting in every little detail into the shots.  However, despite my great results, it is taking a very long time to do, and to get done in a good amount of time, I need to save some.

That is where you guys come in!  I am requesting help from Brickset members to recreate this trailer in Lego!  What I would need is help creating assets for shots in LDD so that when it comes time to actually get the animation right, I can focus more on the shot composition rather than creating the Lego models, thereby helping me to finish this thing quicker.  Everything other than Star Destroyers, planets, and the Death Star is minifigure-scale, EVERYTHING.  This is something that I really want to maintain because one of the things that made The Lego Movie so great was that everything had the correct scaling and it helped set us into this enormous world of Lego.

If you would like to work on assets for a shot, or multiple shots, please PM me and we can discuss what shot/what asset(s), etc.  Be aware that this does not include minifigure prints, I am covering that myself for animation reasons, this will be for assets like tables, cliffs, buildings, ships, etc.  I am thankful for anyone who helps me out with this, and you will be given credit for your work in the final video.

Here are three decent-quality frames from what I have so far (The real thing is in 4K). There is a lot more done than this, but I don't want to give too much away before the trailer's release:[email protected]/with/29549877452/


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.