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Massive WTB/T thread (WW)

SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,779
I'm looking to acquire quite a few sets/parts. I am willing to either buy or trade, if a deal can be worked out. I am open deals anywhere- when buying on bricklink it is commonly cheaper for me to buy from overseas, so that might hold true here, as well.

I've grouped everything in lists:
High priority:
#7417 Temple of Mount Everest
#7721  Combat Crawler X2
#70173 Ultra Agents Ocean HQ
#4881  Robo Platoon
#4507 Prehistoric Creatures
#4506 Deep Sea Predators
#4884 Wild Hunters
#4508 Titan XP
#4099 Robobots
#7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack (with or without figs)

Lower Priority:
#30052: AAT
Any electric motorized sets (I like motors. Don't judge me ;))

Sand green 1x2 jumper plates (there were a bunch in Gringots and a couple in other sets)
White skis
Large blue boat hull from LEGO City Harbor
Electric motors (any)/ 9v wires (that aren't crumbling away like mine)

I am trying to acquire some buggy motors from my brother there aren't any on BL in the US atm, and certainly not for reasonable prices.
Or any of these sets:
#8376 Hot Flame
#8421 Mobile Crane
#8475 RC Race Buggy
#8366 Supersonic RC

Thanks for reading!
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