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‘Brick by Brick’ Exhibit by Adam Reed Tucker (and giant Disney castle)

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I had the pleasure of visiting Brick by Brick, a new LEGO exhibit by Adam Reed Tucker (The artist who started the LEGO Architecture series).  Adam is most famous for his architectural models of Skyscrapers, so this show is a bit different as it covers a wider range of themes including Architecture, Engineering, History, Disney, and Rollercoasters.  There is something for everyone at this show!   I visited the exhibit at MSI Chicago in June, while attending Brickworld Chicago 2016.

I wanted to share a few highlights from the show to highlight the diversity of the exhibit...

Posted Image
Golden Gate Bridge, 1937, San Francisco, CA

The most striking model in the show is the massive model of the Golden Gate bridge that greets you right as you enter the exhibit.  It's large scale lets you really see the details, including the visible studs which Adam intentionally included as they represent the thousands of rivets that hold the bridge together.

Posted Image
Cinderella’s Castle, 1971, Disney World, FL.

Adam built an amazing model of Cinderella's Castle, based on the design at Disneyworld.  This was built well before the recent unveiling of a 4,000 exclusive LEGO set based on the same building.

Posted Image
Fallingwater, 1935, Mill Run, PA, by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

I loved seeing his large-scale model of Fallingwater in person.  He built the model while working on the official Fallingwater LEGO set, and this large model was featured in my book The LEGO Architect.  He chose to use basic elements to focus on the basic form over the ornamentation or landscaping.

Posted Image
American Eagle rollercoaster, 1981, Six Flags Great Adventure., NJ.

There's so much more to see, including a rollercoaster, three skyscrapers (including one depicted under construction), and several interactive exhibits.  The show is highly recommended if you are visiting Chicago between now and February 2017.


P.S. For even more photos and thoughts about the exhibit, I prepared a blog post at: 
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