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Brickficiency Update

The author of Brickficiency has updated the software to work with the new BrickLink. I haven't tried it myself yet, but thought I'd pass the news along.

After being quite underwhelmed with the Auto Finder on BrickLink and others expressing similar opinions, I took it upon myself to get Brickficiency working again.

I have forked the project to and releases can be found at with an initial working version already posted.

I have also created /r/brickficiency for any discussion that people might want to have about it. I haven't put anything there yet, but this is going to be my channel for update notifications and community involvement in the future.

There are a couple things that aren't quite right yet, unfortunately.

  • Composite parts/assemblies currently don't work
  • LDD import may not map all items or colors correctly, but I'm not convinced it did before either. Please report instances where this does not function correctly.

There were probably some issues with the app before and I undoubtedly introduced some new ones. Please consider this a beta release and don't get all worked up if something isn't quite right.

I hope you all enjoy and happy building!



  • monstblitzmonstblitz Member Posts: 653
    I found the new Auto Finder on Bricklink to be a great tool and thought it worked better than Brickficiency ever did.

    No disrespect to the creator of Brickficiency.  It was an awesome tool and filled a much needed void before the update to Bricklink.  Unless the creator has figured out a way to get the program to find larger than 3 store solutions without the program running for 7 months, I see no reason to go back to the separate program when the auto finder seems to work great, at least in my experience. 
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