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*** Moulding Machine Stickers and second Charity Raffle (Draw September 1 2016) ***

CalvCalv Member Posts: 904
edited August 2016 in Charity Sales
After the success of the previous raffle I feel we can do more:

I have 3 copies of the #4000001 Moulding Machine stickers available so we thought it would be a further opportunity to add to the Thames Hospice appeal funds.

The stickers are from the original print run done by Bart Kowalski and are in pristine condition having been carefully stored in their envelope.

If the stickers do not interest you then I will also add a brand new copy of the #21304 Dr Who set to the draw.

Tickets are priced at £1 each and will be available from now until midnight BST on Wednesday 31st August 2016.

They are available by making a pledge at and sending me a PM with details. Please also indicate whether you prefer a sticker set or a general prize as there will be 2 prize draws.

Please be advised that Gift Aid is only eligible to UK citizens making donations and anonymous donations cannot be entered into the draw - we dont know who you are!!

The draw will take place at 8pm BST on Thursday 1st September 2016.

All proceeds are to go to the Thames Hospice (Charity number 1108298) based in Windsor and I will cover the costs of posting the prizes to you, wherever you may be.

How it will work:-

Ticket numbers will be allocated and pm'd to all from Sunday 21 August.  In the unlikely event somebody hasn't received their numbers by BST midnight Monday 22nd August means something's amiss.  If you send me a pm I'll be able to sort it for you quickly.

Ticket sales close at Midnight BST Wednesday 31th August.  Donations received after midnight will not be included in the draw.  Any outstanding tickets will be issued swiftly.

There will be 2 separate prize draws. The first will be for the 3 Moulding machine stickers from the people who expressed a preference for them before we move on to the general prizes.

The 3 winners will be announced at BST 8pm Thursday 1st September after which time we will begin to draw the remainder of the tickets randomly and live, first by prize number picked randomly from one hat, followed by the winning ticket number (or member name) from a second hat.  Should a winner be matched with its own prize, the prize will be returned to the pot and another drawn at random for the already chosen winner.

After all prize lots have been drawn and allocated, I'll draw up a list confirming the results and it will be for the two members (winner and donor) to exchange details for delivery etc. 

Please dig deep and help boost the funds for the appeal and thanks for all of your support.
Lets have some more fun and raise some more money for Thames Hospice.


The prizes available are:-

1 - Sticker set for #400001 Moulding Machine
2 - Sticker set for #400001 Moulding Machine
3 - Sticker set for #400001 Moulding Machine
4 - #21304 Dr Who Ideas Set



  • CalvCalv Member Posts: 904

    I am disappointed with the response. This has been up for 2 days now and the silence has been deafening.

    There is obviously no appetite on the forum for another raffle so I will reluctantly close this one and offer the Sticker sets for sale separately with the proceeds still going to the appeal.

    There will be another thread along shortly to get the remaining sticker sets. 


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