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General Fairy Bricks Discussion

SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
Although not a huge fan of general discussion threads personally it has been pointed out to us that we have not been keeping the Forum updated enough with general Fairy activities. This hasn't been by accident, it was felt that reporting every donation etc may be considered a little spammy so perhaps containing things within this thread is the way to go. The main source of our updates and communication tends to be our Facebook page. Lets try it and see.

So where better to start than Friday when there were things happening in West Yorkshire and London. Firstly in Huddersfield we had another person taking part in our Virtual 5K Run (you pay £5 and run, walk, cycle, swim, waddle or anything in between at your own pace and are then sent a medal and printed brick, additional external sponsorship is optional.) Well when I say person, I actually mean cat. Huddersfield Railway Station has a rather popular cat living there called Felix so it was thought that we could use a tracking device to monitor her steps with her Facebook fans providing sponsorship. We built a LEGO version of her to celebrate her involvement. It has proven to be a great success with over £3000 raised in voluntary sponsorship and an appearance on the BBC Website :-) @MinifigsMe was there as MC while ably assisted by @CoraHarrison and her partner Helen.

While all that was happening ooooop north I had ventured south to join forces with nine other Fairies (correction, that should have been nine but we had to drop to eight because some fellow by the name of @Huw didn't arrive until 4pm when we were packing up!) so we could visit the Royal London Hospital armed with £2400 of sets for a stay and play day. Inspired by our partnership with Goldman Sachs and unlike our regular hospital donations the days are built around us being there from early morning to mid afternoon and building sets with children. That's a mix of inpatients and outpatients who have been invited along for the day. More of these days throughout the country would be wonderful but sadly the number of hospitals with a large enough play space is limited. I'm sure Forum Members @LostInTranslation, @drdavewatford, @Shib and @caperberry who were all part of the team would agree that it was a day well spent! Not all of the sets were given out on the day and the rest remain with the hospital Play Specialists to be used as they see fit.

So that's the near past taken care of. On the horizon we have a trips to Skaerbaek, STEAM, Dubai and Brick Birmingham. The Big Raffle will return in November and the hospital donations will keep happening. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or drop me a PM. We are always looking for people to get more involved, especially with events and would love to hear from you if you have a fundraising idea or would like to be involved with a donation etc.



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