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The Braw Brick Show, Sat 8th Oct, Cumbernauld, Scotland

nexandernexander Glasgow Member Posts: 908

Happy to announce a new show for Scotland. Its a smaller show with displays and activities with all profits going to Fairy Bricks.

  I'm aiming for it to be community based, not just local community kids etc but wider Scottish afol community.  As a result I'm not posting here to sell tickets, I'm looking to get people involved.  Most Scots on here are aware but I'm after  lurkers who may feel a bit shy :)  I'm after more people to display (doesn't have to be mocs) or just help out and meet others.  Not only that but you help raise money for Fairy Bricks!

I know more that most the issues with distance in Scotland (my office is 'Scotland') but it would be great for as many as possible (central belt & beyond) to do something together and to build on it in future in other places.  We have all seen how well this community come together recently, that's the spirit I would like to foster.  I can be pm'ed or via Facebook ( brawbrickshow ).




  • nexandernexander Glasgow Member Posts: 908
    Hi folks,

    The show is next Saturday and im doing a big push for any central belts afols to be involved. Still got (some) display space but more hands would be amazing.  It will be a great way to meet with people you know and new, non brickset, people from the central belt.  Also expect to have fun, talk Lego to afols and non afols (something I realy enjoyed when I displayed for the first time) and help raise ££ for fairy bricks.

    The show is on the 8th October in the Church of the Holy Name, Cumbernauld (its a few mins off the M80 so very easy to get to.  Its open 10-4 to the public and 8am for people setting up/helping.  Even if you cant make it the whole day, even a few hours would be great.

    Remember this is an oppertunity to support something that we can build on.  Scotland now has a rLUG, 2 event within a month (the other in aberdeen on the 6th Nov which i hope to show at) in different parts of the country with plans for events and displaying well into 2017.  Im keen this isnt about areas but about people coming together, when and where they can, and doing something good.

    If you want to help please either pm me or say here and I will send you the details (parking etc).

    Thanks and hope for some responses!
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