Need help locating a 1999 Star Wars lego advertisement!

Heya guys. 

First post here! So should introduce myself, I am Ryan, I live in Scotland in the UK. Been an appreciator of Lego since I was a kid in the 90s when I got given a Lego Wizard set and ambulence set.
In 1999 I was reading a UK comic (the beano) and I turned the page and my mind was blown by a star wars lego advertisement. I loved lego and star wars but never imagined the two would entwine! The image featured Vader with lego in his hands and at the bottom was  a selection of the sets. I cant find the advert anywhere online apart from a spanish one.
The people at Lego I emailed kindly sent me one that I have attarched but it doesnt have the sets at the bottom. I really really really want a copy of that advert as I poured over it for weeks, saving my pocket money until finally we went to the shop that sold lego near me and I left with a landspeeder and x-wing. If anyone could help me and my nostalgia I would be very very greatful!



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