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F1 CUSTOM STICKERS COLLECTION (2016, 1990, 2006..)



  • RobertoRoberto Member Posts: 117
    Please F1 fan try to understand what I have already told several times. I don't have stickers for other seasons, what you can get is what you see in this page, there is nothing else you can get.
    Please just try to understand, thank you.
  • F1FanF1Fan Member Posts: 37
    Umm fine
  • F1FanF1Fan Member Posts: 37
    I use the stickers no other season than 2016
  • RobertoRoberto Member Posts: 117
    I created this page to show other people my personal creations and to publicize them.
    If you are interested in them, well, just contact me by email.
    On the contrary, if you just want to show your projects go and create your personal page but please just stop submitting the same pics multiple times asking for something I already told you I can't offer.
    I think it is a matter of respect too in a public forum like this.
  • RobertoRoberto Member Posts: 117
    edited April 2019
    Roberto said:
    Sebastian Vettel with his Ferrari SF90 Mission Winnow.
    Alpha ver.

    That looks amazing. Do you have building instructions for this?
    Everthing will be ready soon.
  • F1FanF1Fan Member Posts: 37
    Nice car i love it
  • RobertoRoberto Member Posts: 117
    And I was even losing my time trying gently to make you understand..
    Keep going, poor boy..
  • F1FanF1Fan Member Posts: 37
    Id like to do the sf90 but how
  • F1FanF1Fan Member Posts: 37
    I have bit different sf90
  • F1FanF1Fan Member Posts: 37

  • LegoJonahLegoJonah Member Posts: 3
    Cool stickers! What’s the price?
  • LegoJonahLegoJonah Member Posts: 3
    Cool stickers! What’s the price?
  • LegoJonahLegoJonah Member Posts: 3

    My MOC of Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault RS19
  • NateMN2020NateMN2020 Member Posts: 41
    You’re commenting on a pretty dead thread. It says Roberto hasn’t been active in about 6 months. Cool MOC though!
  • BobflipBobflip Member Posts: 723
    These look really good, I've been thinking about custom stickers for a MOC I'm working on, anyone know of a place in the UK that would print some of a similar quality, if I had my own design ready to go?
  • Hello Roberto. Do you have stickers for 2021 alfa romeo. If not I would be willing to purchase the 2018 alfa romeo sauber stickers you made. How do I contact you?

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