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Brickset Bonus Ball

bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,141
Hi all,

As @Legoboy is doing the raffle tonight I though I would get the bonus ball in nice and early. Gives everyone plenty of time

Question of the week inspired by James is "What has been your worst ever injury? (if any)?"

Mine was breaking my radius and ulnar bones in my arm when I was about 10 by falling onto some concrete steps.

Mixing it up a little this week and hope nobody minds. As Legoboy is not allowed to enter his own raffle then if you wish to donate your place in this raffle to him just say so.  Hopefully we can get a 1-59 of Legoboys which will amuse me at least and make doing the list nice and easy.  It's OK if you still want to enter for yourself, it is just always nice to give back.

Good luck everyone. @Legoboy



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