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Block Feature

DougoutDougout Member Posts: 888
Why is there still no block feature on Brickset? 

I don't have any problems with most posters, but there are a few that will relentlessly post passive aggressive comments on nearly EVERYTHING I say.  It's as if I can't express my own opinion without immediately being barraged by a bunch of fools.  Of course, they only do this to escalate things so they can manipulate my words and then accuse me of some BS.  It's ridiculous.  Bricksetters have been asking for this feature since at least 5 years ago I can remember.

It can't be the coding.  It can't be hard to block posts from people put on blocklists.  My question to the mods is are you attempting to silence anyone that has anything critical about Lego or do you want to instigate a combative atmosphere because it can really be only one of those two.  I've been here for nearly six years and have severely reduced my participation here because there seems to be this narrative that only positive things can be said about any Lego set ever made.  That's not progress. 

I'm pissed.  If you don't want to respond to this directly, just msg me.


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