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Best way to Bricklink from my OWN store

I've decided that I'd like to try and build the Sea Cow and have created a wanted list on Bricklink for all the parts I'll need. However, I also run my own Bricklink store which has many of the parts I will need. So, the question is, whats the best method to pull the parts from my own store while updating what I still need on my want list AND updating my inventory?

Seems like this should be easy, but I'm not finding it to be. Any suggestions? 


  • RebelegoRebelego Member Posts: 171
    Go to options in your store inventory. Select ITEMS IN YOUR WANTED LIST. Hit GO. Just subtract what you need from it. Don't forget to Submit to update inventory.
  • DadsAFOLDadsAFOL Member Posts: 617
    Or you could open a BrickOwl store, sync your inventory and buy from yourself there.   That's what we do, which makes deducting inventory super fast.   Don't forget to give yourself a coupon for free shipping.  :)
  • bluedragonbluedragon Member Posts: 506
    ^This is what I do as well.
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    Am I reading that wrong, or you actually buy them from yourself?  Like you have to pay brickowl fees?
    Or you just take them out your inventory there and then sync it back.  Why does brick owl make it any easier?
  • RebelegoRebelego Member Posts: 171
    @DadsAFOL I didn't realize you can sync Brickowl to Bricklink. If someone buys parts from BL store, does it automatically remove the same parts from BrickOwl store?
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    edited July 2016
    ^it does if you have bricksync running (it checks every so often for orders both ends) and updates.  Otherwise, no, it doesn't.
  • All_That_RocksAll_That_Rocks Member Posts: 646
    @DadsAFOL I am just as puzzled as @MattsWhat - Surely that means you will pay BrickOwl fees for making a sale (even after the free shipping coupon)?

  • bluedragonbluedragon Member Posts: 506
    No Brick Owl fees are charged on orders from your own store.
  • DadsAFOLDadsAFOL Member Posts: 617
    Correct, no fees.  Yes we use BrickSync, which runs every few minutes and is usually problem-free.  The only issues arise when BL breaks their API by releasing something new on the site.

    I should also add that we use BrickStock to manage wanted lists.  You've been able to upload that file directly to BO wish lists for a couple years.  BL is catching on, and you can upload it there now too, although without the "buy from yourself" option.

    Some tips and tricks - make sure to set all the prices to zero in BrickStock, because if your store price on BO is higher, it won't appear when you use the magic Buy button to fill your cart.  Also if you have bulk quantities set, or multiple lots of the same part you may have to do some manual manipulation of your cart.  Other than that, its about 10 mouse clicks to upload the BSX file, magic buy, pick your own store, go to the cart and checkout.
  • All_That_RocksAll_That_Rocks Member Posts: 646
    Thanks for the explanation @DadsAFOL I'll give it a go over the weekend.
  • Sethro3Sethro3 Member Posts: 982
    This sounds complicated. I guess that is just another reason why I don't have a BO/BL store. I can't wrap my simple mind around these things.
  • palmers9grbpalmers9grb Member Posts: 275
    I would just take the parts out of my bl store and up date your inventory. But I'm very simple. It depends on what you want a sea cow or the money from the parts.
  • sklambsklamb Member Posts: 515
    A lot might depend on the size and success of your BL store, which might require very careful record-keeping for tax purposes. I can see why a larger store might want to track self-purchases more carefully than a very low-volume hobbyist.
  • MorkManMorkMan Member Posts: 900

    How does that work with giving feedback? Surely you can't give yourself a great score... but you wouldn't give yourself a poor score either.

  • bluedragonbluedragon Member Posts: 506
    Self-feedback is not allowed on Brick Owl. They suggest you talk to yourself.
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