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WW: Lots of wants & haves for trading.

GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
edited July 2016 in Marketplace
Hello everybody!
Long time no see. It's about time to try to get ahold of the figs I've been missing this last year.
I am located in Norway, and I have done lots of trades here.

Stay Puft Bibendum Chamallow
Doc Brown
The doctor

Pirate Batman from book
Zombie skater from book

Figs from Elf army set - esp. Thranduil

Nightwing polybag
Finn polybag
The hulk polybag
Cosmic boy polybag
Silver centurion polybag
Mr Freeze polybag
C-3po polybag
Did I miss any new polys here? I'm a little rusty...

And also figs from Superheroes and Star Wars sets from this past year. Except those Mighty Micros. 

Lots of sealed CMFs: Bumblebee girl, Librarian, Grandpa, Lizard man and many more.

Used CMFs: Bunny suit guy, Gorilla suit guy & many more

Legoland train operator ( 
and 1x2 black brick with "132" gold print from he same set (

#76039 Ant man final battle new & sealed

Stormtrooper sergeant polybag
Lex Luthor polybag
Martial Manhunter polybag
Western Emmet polybag
Pyjamas Emmet polybag
30201 Ghost polybag
Club Max polybag

...and then some. Feel free to ask if you're looking for anything, but please be specific.


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