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House Sale forcing some to go (UK)

BigHBigH Member Posts: 79
edited June 2016 in Marketplace
Firs time posting in Market place, so be patient.
Unexpected House sale completes in a few weeks, and like most, got too many extra sets etc. Some bargain finds, 3for2's etc.
Will be selling some at various, i.e going rate, Bricklink, for cost or whatever.
Need to move a few, so i'll give priority to multiples and anybody who is not bothered about the box. Meaning that I can quickly bubble wrap, brown paper and MyHermes signed for. never had an issue with this carrier, and don't expect any now. Others will be in a box, but running low on these, so don't expect over night.
Some are on Ebay, but better if you get me on here, again, busy with prepping for the move, so apologies for not getting involved in long conversations, i need to move some Lego, PM and sort it on the phone, thats it.  I'll list more by the weekend.
Mainly SW and Hobbit. 
All will be PLUS postage.

X Wing 9493                  £110
X Wing 10240                 230
snow speeder 75049         45
Sailbarge    75020           100
3 in 1        66449             105
Lonely mountain 79018    125
Five armies         79017      47

Got more to list including Lego Movie, Small Hobbit sets, Ultra Agents, SW, most of the books with figures including Yoda chronicles, Dark side, Updated Encyclopedia etc. All new.

Apologies again, not on here much, i'll pick up any queries as soon as i can.



  • Muftak1Muftak1 Member Posts: 547
    Do you have 70805 from the Lego Movie? Think its the garbage truck
  • BigHBigH Member Posts: 79
    Sorry no, only these, sort prices later tonight, couldn't do it from my phone!
    70815  Dropship
    70816 Bennys ship
  • BigHBigH Member Posts: 79
    75920 JW                100+post 4.80  (got 2)
    76011 Manbat          25+3.80          
    31026 bike shop       60+4.80       (2)

    66479 3 in 1            90+5.80        (2)

    60095    Deep sea      65+5.80      (3)

    All sets listed and previous listing are perfect boxes.
    As mentioned, i'm low on packing boxes but  can bubble wrap, and board then paper, if box packaging box is really important, then let me know.

    Note** Any set set over 50 and i'll throw in one of the Updated Encyclopaedias with white Boba, pages never been opened FREE. This may take the parcel into the next weight category, but I think it may only be a pound.
  • BigHBigH Member Posts: 79
    10240 SOLD
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