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FT UK Only... Team GB... Series 5 11 13.... Simpsons CMF.. Want Disney CMF and DFB Footballers

DadDad UKMember Posts: 813

Hi....UK Trade Only.

I've had a large sort out of them boxes that you don't even know what's in them. I've given some away but kept the rest to hopefully trade

I have the following. Unassembled and in zip lock bags. Complete with cut outer packaging and leaflet.

Team GB

Flexible Gymnast x 5

Stealth Swimmer x 3

Judo x 1

Series 5 CMF

Gladiator x1

Zoo Keeper x1

Graduate x 1

Simpsons series 1 Unassembled in zip lock bags including leaflet but no outer packaging.

Bart x 3

Maggie x 1

Homer x 5

Burns x 1

Plus 2 x Full sets in zip lock bags with leaflet and  cut outer packaging

Series 11

Gingerbread Man x 2 ( Sealed )

Series 13

Hot Dog Guy x 5 ( Sealed )

Super Heroes Polys

#30302 x 4 Spiderman Glider

#30300 x 11 Tumbler

#30303 x 11 Bumper car

#30160 x 8 Jet Ski

#30161 x 7 Batmobile

#30301 x 9 Batwing

#30166 x 3 Robin and Redbird Cycle


2 x Full sets of Series 14 in zip lock bags including leaflet and cut outer packaging 

#30029 x 4 Pudsey Bear ( price label on rear )

#20018 Star Wars Brickmaster AT-AT

#30229 City Repair Lift

#40032 x 3 Witch

#30186 x 3 Christmas Tree

#40048 Birthday Cake

#40146 Lufthansa A380 Plane

#30111 x 4 The Lab

#40028 Hogwarts Express

#5002812 x 4 Promotional Spaceman

#40079 x 7 VW Camper

#40049 x 2 Sopwith Camel

#40109 x 3 Mini Cooper

Want Disney CMF and DFB Footballers. Must be unassembled if not sealed and come with outer packaging and leaflet.

Priority given if anyone can trade full sets. The larger the trade the better. have traded on here before. 

Pm's please if interested

Thanks for looking



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