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What are these mystery pieces?

ekoblentzekoblentz Member Posts: 6
edited June 2016 in Building and Techniques

New here.

I'm 41. Legos were my favorite toy in the 70s/80s.

This week I pulled the big box of Legos off the shelf. First time in about 25 years. Found some parts I can't identify. At first I assumed to know what they are, but I was wrong. Hoping this community can help!

First is this thing:

Many people will have the same reaction I did: it's a 4.5V electric motor. But it's not!

The 4.5V motors of that time period (mid-1980s) are four dots long and have wire connectors on their back. This piece is only three dots lots and doesn't have a wire connector at all. It has a front protruding axle, but the thing in back is a hole. The part says "492" on bottom. Its gets odder still: the hole is too big for a Lego axle, and it spins in the opposite direction of the front axle (when I turn the front axle manually). So what is this thing??? I know it's a genuine Lego -- it has the logo inside the top dots. Also, a reality check: my parents only shopped at Toys R Us; it's not like they would have had access to any black market rip-off toys.

The second piece is just as weird:

This one has holes on both of the short sides. The holes fit Lego axles. It also has holes in the center of the wide sides. Those are too large for axles, just like the rear of the other piece. Ignore the holes in the corners of one of the wide sides; those are screws I think. The part says "065" on bottom.

Not pictured: I also have a 4.5V battery pack which is shaped like a flashlight and matches the styling of these other two pieces (gray with horizontal slats).

I definitely remember playing with these as a kid, but I cannot remember what on earth these pieces DO.

Google pointed me to the local (central NJ) Lego club. I emailed them and haven't yet heard back. I also emailed the same pictures and explanation to Lego's corporate customer service.

So, that's the big mystery in my home this week. :)  My girlfriend, the cat, and I would all be very grateful if people here can help us figure out what these pieces are and what to do with them.



  • binaryeyebinaryeye Member Posts: 1,831
    The first piece is likely this, a gear reduction block, which apparently appeared only in set #872. The second piece looks to be this, also apparently exclusive to the same set.

    Is the battery pack this one?
  • ekoblentzekoblentz Member Posts: 6
    HA! Thank you Binary, how did you figure that out so fast?

    I have tracks and the rectangular outside piece that holds the reduction motor-looking-thing.

    Yes, I have that same battery pack.

    Guess I was wrong about it being from the 1980s. Says 1978 on the web links.
  • davee123davee123 Member Posts: 864
    ekoblentz said:
    Guess I was wrong about it being from the 1980s. Says 1978 on the web links.
    Well, that's when it was released, but it was offered up until around 1989 or 1990, when the new 9v system took over in Technic motors.  That motor system was around all throughout the 80s!

  • ekoblentzekoblentz Member Posts: 6
    Okay, that makes more sense. In 1978 I was only four.
  • AllBrickAllBrick Member Posts: 1,497
    ekoblentz said:
    HA! Thank you Binary, how did you figure that out so fast?
    Welcome to Brickset.
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