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Selling my entire collection of sets [EU/WW] (City, Creator, etc.)

5JSX55JSX5 Member Posts: 1
I would like to get rid of the following sets because I don't use them (only 4917 has its original box). Prices are up to debate. I have spare parts for some of them (we can talk about which ones you would like). [These are only the sets I have all the parts to.]

839-1Red Roof Bricks Parts Pack 33° - 7.25 USD/6.40 EUR/2000 HUF
4916-1 Mini-Animals - 3.25 USD/3 EUR/945 HUF
4917-1 Mini-Robots - 3 USD/2.30 EUR/895 HUF
7238-1 Fire-Helicopter - 5.25 USD/4.66 EUR/1500 HUF
7241-1 Fire Car - 1.65 USD/1.50 EUR/475 HUF
7245-1 Prisoner Transport - 6.40 USD/5.65 EUR/1815 HUF
7903-1 Rescue Helicopter - 10 USD/8.85 EUR/2845 HUF
8354-1 Exo Force Bike - 5.30 USD/4.70 EUR/1510 HUF
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.