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FS or FT (For Sale or Trade): Minifigures: Star Wars, DC, Ninjago, Other

ragurammraguramm Member Posts: 11
I'm looking to sell or trade the following minifigures from DC, Ninjago, and Star Wars.  Unless otherwise specified, the figures come with their accessories (guns, lasso, shruiken, etc.).  
For sales, feel free to make me an offer you think is fair on any number of the figures and I'll get back to you ASAP.  
For trades, my wanted list is: most Star Wars figures, especially Jedi, any Obi-Wan, any Anakin, any Luke, or any Bounty Hunter figure.  I'm open to anything Star Wars, though, so if you have something you're interested in trading, let me know and I'll see if I already have it.  
All figures are in like-new condition.  Displayed for collection in a smoke-free pet free home.  Feel free to ask for pictures of any of them.


Star wars:
Sandtrooper (with backpack, no pauldron)
Stormtrooper (marked mouth grille and black head)
Clone pilot (the clone wars)
Bomb squad trooper (the clone wars)
Jetpack clone trooper (the clone wars)
Republic Trooper (the old republic, with chain gun)
Snowtrooper (empire)
2 Rebel trooper (original variant, frowning face)
Hoth rebel trooper (flesh head, smiling face, no pupils)
Kashyyk clone trooper (ep. III new)
Assassin droid (black)
212th clone trooper (ep. III)
Kashyyk Clone scout trooper (41st elite version)
2 Mandalorian (blue armor, from battle pack)
Clone Paratrooper (utapau)
Imperial scout trooper (helmet with hole and black head, 2009 version)

Poison Ivy (batcave version)
Aquaman (with trident)
Arctic suit Batman (no accessories)
The Joker (purple suit and green undershirt with knife)
Wonder woman (new, with lasso)
Man-bat (no accessories)
Electro-suit Batman (with batarang)

Jay ZX with silver armor (with golden nunchucks)
Kai ZX with gold armor (with ornate golden sword)
Zane ZX with gold armor (with golden shruikens)
Lloyd ZX with grey armor (with long pike-thing)
Cole ZX with silver armor (no accessories)
Sensei Wu (with golden staff, no hat)

Wizard (green robes, staff with green tip)
Knight with silver armor and lion design, silver helmet, sword)
Archer with green and black design, dragon design, bow)
LOTR: Aragorn (silver tree on chest, sword)
2 Astronaut from 2011 Lego City set (obtained at First Lego League World Festival, 2009)


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