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Rare slotted bricks for sale or trade

mpfirnhabermpfirnhaber Member Posts: 65
Send me a message if you are interested. Price depends on the brick. Discounts for bulk purchases. 

The pics are just a sample. See everything here:[email protected]/albums/72157667245279443


  • wrangler6915wrangler6915 Member Posts: 527
    Ummm...are you sure those are Lego bricks?  No imprint on the studs?
  • mpfirnhabermpfirnhaber Member Posts: 65
    Yes, I'm quite sure. These are from the early 50s, they are some of the first bricks that Lego made. Danish bricks from 1950-1951 didn't have any logo at all, and Swedish bricks lacked a logo through 1955.

    The Lego logo didn't show up until 1952, and those bricks had the logo underneath, not on the studs. Stud logos didn't show up until the mid 50s on some early Norwegian bricks. They became more widespread in 1956 with the advent of hollow bricks, and were finally solidified in 1958 when the classic brick with bottom tubes was patented.
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