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FS [US/Canada] Classic Lego Parts & Pieces

Megane67Megane67 Member Posts: 2

I'm selling my personal childhood collection of Classic Lego Parts and Pieces.  All bricks & pieces are washed, sanitized and from a pet/smoke-free home.  I am selling each lot for $19.99 CAD ($15.54 USD) with shipping costs varying depending on the weight and destination.  I ship to Canada and the USA only.

The Lego is in used condition and while some pieces may have wear and scratches, there are no broken pieces.  I will send photos and answer any addition questions you may have.  Also, I will be happy to combine shipping if multiple items are bought.


Megane 6.7

- Base Plates (8 Plates, Approx. 1 LB/454 grams total)

- Black Bricks (Approx. 1.76 LBS/800 grams worth)

- Black Unique Bricks & Parts (Approx. 250 pieces)

- Blue Bricks (Approx. 1.76 LBS/800 grams worth)

- Blue Unique Bricks & Parts (Approx. 64 pieces)

- Doors & Door Frames (Approx. 127 pieces)

- Figures & Accessories (Approx. 60 pieces)

- Grey Bricks (Approx. 1 LB/450 grams worth)

- Grey Unique Bricks & Parts (Approx. 190 pieces)

- Red Bricks and Roofing (Approx. 3 LBS/4.9 KG worth)

- Red Unique Bricks & Parts (Approx. 175 pieces)

- Translucent Bricks & Parts (Approx. 150 pieces)

- Wheels & Axles (Approx. 2 LBS/954 grams worth)

- White Bricks (Approx. 1.43 LBS/650 grams worth)

- White Unique Bricks (Approx. 140 pieces)

- Windows Shades and Frames (Approx. 83 pieces)

- Windows with Plastic Glass (Approx. 1.32 LBS/600 grams worth)

- Yellow Bricks (Approx. 1 LB/400 grams worth)

- Yellow Unique Bricks (Approx. 100 pieces)

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.