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Hello Brickset Forum! This is Jose from Texas.

josekaleljosekalel Member Posts: 682
Although I am a LEGO fan, collector, and player, this has not been going on for all my life. Yes, as a kid I loved and played with LEGO (many sets I still have, more on that later), but there was a period where my interest got lost. However, thanks in part to Star Wars two or three years ago, I am back at it.

I do not have as much disposable income as I would like in order to buy sets or figures, but I still do my best and I am always looking for sales and clearance items (I'm looking at you Walmart), but these past year or so I have been able to collect a few more sets, so I am back in full throttle (again, as much as my disposable income allows).

However, I have a problem with my old sets. Due to many factors (weather, moving) whatever I have left is in a state of mess, they are dirty, lots of debris, and I am working on getting them fixed. 

Here's one of the first photos I took:

I know it does not seem like much (hey, it is for me!), but my challenge/project is going on. I have been able to start cleaning just the regular blocks, I have washed them and I am in the process of rinsing and whitening some blocks.

I would appreciate any help regarding what to do with the sets that are built, especially the pizzeria (hey, this set is the reason I rescued my sets, since I wanna take photos of it with stormtroopers!), should I take it apart and wash them as I did the others? The instructions are online, so I don't worry about it. I also would like to know what you all do with the stickers. Also, are there any tips for washing figures? I got a soft toothbrush (new) and have been very gentle with it. Any help is appreciated!

This is my second post, but I am sure I will become more active as I get things going. Will post more photos soon! Oh, and thanks for allowing me to share my love for LEGO!


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