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Lego #60096 Deep Sea Operation Base

JooTogJooTog Member Posts: 945
I have been eyeing this set since it went 20% at [email protected] I looked at some of the reviews and comments and something bothers me: the base does not make sense.

The box artwork illustrates the whole base underwater, which explains why the command control has air tanks. Most (if not all) of the reviews I have seen indicate that there should be a wall between the  command center and the area with the crane. Why?

For the crane to make sense underwater, at least to me, the crane area is the one that should be surrounded by walls and it should have a ceiling; otherwise why have a crane to begin with when the mini-sub can just navigate to the platform. Otherwise, the crane is only useful if the whole structure is above water and the supporting pillars are meant to go all the way down to the sea floor. In which case there is no need for air tanks feeding into the command center. Right?

Also, if the whole base is supposed to be underwater as depicted by the box art, and we assume that the crane area is meant to be enclosed (not included for play reasons), then what are the stair on the outside for?

Am I reading too much into it and should by the set anyway?


  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    edited June 2016
    Maybe the crane area is meant to be submerged, enclosed and full of air. Then you would drive the sub underneath (would require longer legs), crane the sub up and out the water so the people can get out. Otherwise they would be stuck in the sub. Also, deep sea divers wear weighted boots to keep them still in the water currents, the ladder is therefore to get up and repair the top of the base. 
    Its not enclosed though, but at least that kind of answers your question. You shouldn't let the reality get in the way of buying sets though, else you won't be able to buy much. 
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo Member Posts: 497
    It would appear they have left it open to allow access for play which it is meant to be.  If you are looking at wanting it as a realistic model perhaps you could add a wall.  Jangbricks suggests using a couple windows to allow for light. 
  • DedgeckoDedgecko Member Posts: 798
    Its supposed to be like the moon pool in the movie, The Abyss.
  • JooTogJooTog Member Posts: 945
    @MattsWhat Enclosed and full of air is what I meant by surrounded by walls and ceiling. Divers with weighted boots makes perfect sense, thanks! Though the ladder should be leading inside the platform instead of outside the structure :-) Hopefully an easy fix. Good point on the need for longer legs, did think of that... another easy fix.

    It is not that I am looking for a "realistic look" (walls will get in the way of playing with the set), but I do look for "sense in the set design".

    @Dedgecko I haven't seen The Abyss since it came out back in 1989... yikes!

    Thanks all for the responses... I think I'll pull the trigger and get another fountain in the process :-)
  • DedgeckoDedgecko Member Posts: 798
    Hmm, Deep Blue Sea when Sam Jackson gets it!

  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    ^Yeah, it does raise concerns in relation to sharks having access to the area.
  • piratemania7piratemania7 Member Posts: 2,146
    I think this is meant to be viewed in the eye of the beholder.  To some, perhaps it sits atop of the ocean, while for others it sits at the very bottom.  Not sure how the plane ties into this.  Hope you enjoy it!  I have yet to open mine.
  • JooTogJooTog Member Posts: 945
    Ordered mine... it'll be a while before I open it; all the other deep see explorers sets are still in my backlog, along with a bunch of other sets. I have more sets in my backlog than open/built :-( ...stupid lack of space.
  • scottwb2010scottwb2010 Member Posts: 248
    edited June 2016
    ^^Agreed @piratemania7 . It is what the person wants it to be. It can be a surface module floating like an Oil Rig or could be moded to have longer legs going all the way down through the water line to bedrock, in shallow water but deep enough for the submarine to operate and the crane used to lift it out of the water and the air tanks replenish the sub, or its a subsurface base, hence the half globe windows, air tanks for breathing down below and the crane is used to lift and anchor the sub to stop it floating away. The play variety is great with lego. I hope this gets reduced by 20% this side of the water.
  • piratemania7piratemania7 Member Posts: 2,146
    ^ yeah I think I will have to decide once I build it and place it within my city layout if it will be more of a harbor type building, or if I will somehow incorporate it into the deep blue ocean - I think it would be easier as a part of a harbor.
  • jason1976jason1976 Member Posts: 309
    As others have said, its looks like it's open so it's accessible for play.

    Lego have a long history of doing this, #926 is a good example, the astronauts behind the invisible wall / airlock have their airtanks off so it has to be a sealed room with an oxygen supply right?
  • playwellplaywell Member Posts: 2,280
    Maybe if they hadn't added the plane they could have built a better underwater base.
  • JooTogJooTog Member Posts: 945
    SMC said:
    Maybe if they hadn't added the plane they could have built a better underwater base.

    I agree. It kind of feel like the plane is being "forced" into the set. I slightly bigger base would have been much more welcomed.

    For a brief second it crossed my mind to get a second copy of the set to make the base bigger... then it hit me: TWO planes :-S

    So I might just keep my eye open for yellow parts at PaB and try to expand from there.
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