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Brickstock Pricing Issues

Does anyone in the UK have a good understanding Brickstock? I specify the UK because the issue I'm have is regarding the pricing and currency differences.

I have been using Brickstock for a couple of weeks now to part out sets and its be going well. But now I have starting using it for higher value items like Minifigures, I have noticed the prices don't match Bricklink and change when you upload the files.

For example: (all prices are average of last 6 months sales)
Minifigure: SH190
Bricklink: £2.86
Brickstock Price Guide (Side Pane): £3.31
Brickstock Price: £3.14
No matter what you do the two prices on Brickstock never match.

The Brickstock dollar price for this is $4.47 and when I export this item from Brickstock to Bricklink the price which transfers is the dollar price but displayed in my local currency, so £4.47.

I have configured Brickstock to use my local currency and I have set the correct exchange rate, but the prices which transfer are always the dollar price with a pound sign in front and not the true price in pounds. 

Am I doing something wrong; have I overlooked something?


  • padraicpadraic IrelandMember Posts: 6
    I have the same issue with Euro in Ireland.  Looks like it is a bug in the software.  As a workaround, I reduce the prices by a certain % based on the exchange rate used, so that when you upload to bricklink, it adjusts to the price that you wanted.
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