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Parts list for Bright Bricks' Exeter Cathedral model?

sklambsklamb speaker of American EnglishMember Posts: 515

Since this model now seems to be sold out (except for resellers on eBay), I wonder if anyone on Brickset could help me bricklink it by sharing or linking to a parts list or instructions--or even photos that show it from other angles than the front of its box. I enjoyed the builds for Durham and Chester very much and would like to have an Exeter model to complete the set.


  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,956
    edited June 2016
    Have you tried emailing Bright Bricks or the Cathedral people to see if they'll just let you have the instructions?

    I would offer to buy one in person and ship it out, but IIRC they were out of stock last time I was in the cathedral...

    Also, judging by the Cathedral's twitter page, there might be a slim chance you could get one if you directed a very polite email/tweet at the right person!
  • prleeprlee UKMember Posts: 163
    I'm originally from Exeter and was at the cathedral last week. My family added 4 bricks to the big model and I asked about stock. I was told they'd sold out of the original model but will be releasing a new, larger model in 4 weeks time which will include the cloisters.
  • sklambsklamb speaker of American EnglishMember Posts: 515
    That's great news, @prlee ! I will hope to get an order for the larger model in to the Cathedral gift shop before they sell out. I would hate to pay inflated aftermarket prices  since the extra money wouldn't go to the Cathedral, but I'm thrilled to have another chance to buy the model and support their fund-raising.
  • LegobusfanLegobusfan Hampshire Member Posts: 15
    The second Exeter Cathedral came out last week. However Exeter say they will not post models out. 
  • prleeprlee UKMember Posts: 163
    I sent my Dad down to the Cathedral today to get the new model for me. You can see a pic of the new model on the Cathedral website at

    There's a larger photo posted on Twitter:

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