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"50 Years of the Lego Brick" book

EvilTwinEvilTwin UKMember Posts: 129

I am clearing out some books- I need the space- and amongst them is a copy of the book "50 Years of the Lego Brick" by Christian Humberg, published by Heel Verlag in 2008.

The book includes replicas of several interesting and/or important documents relating to Lego, such as the original patent for Lego bricks, and early catalogues. It also comes with six red 2x4 bricks.

My copy is in very good condition and still includes the original bricks in their little plastic strip:

I was going to give this book away but then I noticed how much it sells for. A copy was sold on ebay in April for £88. There is one on for £24 but it is listed with damage and "may also have some leaflets missing". Then there are a few copies listed with "little wear", "creases" for £60-£65 (most shipping from the USA) and then £70 and upwards.

Given those prices would anyone care to buy my very nice copy for £50+postage?
(as the book would otherwise be going to Oxfam, some of that price would also be donated to them)

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