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UK Only (FS/FT) - City, Trains, Pirates, TMNT, SW, SH, LOTR, Hobbit, Magazines

rawbobrawbob UKMember Posts: 535
I am mostly looking to sell but happy to hear trades if anyone is interested.
All sets are sealed and in great condition unless stated.

I would prefer to keep trades within the UK. Currently I am interested in Toy Story, Star Wars and Modulars. I also have a small CMF want list at the bottom.

#60072 City Starter Set
#60077 Space Starter Set
#31031 Rainforest Animals
#31035 Beach Hut
#5004468 Chicken Suit Guy
#21109 Exo-suit
#852983 Harry Potter Magnets
#70402 The Gatehouse Raid
#7895 Switching Tracks 
#7499 Flexible and Straight Tracks (Opened)
#60050 Train Station
#60051 High Speed Passenger Train (Opened)
#60052 Cargo Train (Opened)
#9469 Gandalf Arrives (Opened)
#9470 Shelob Attacks (Opened)
#9471 Uruk-Hai Army
#9474 Battle of Helm's Deep
#9476 The Orc Forge
#79000 Riddles for the Ring (Opened)
#79001 Escape From Mirkwood Spiders (Box bashed a little)
#79003 An Unexpected Gathering
#79005 The Wizard Battle
#79006 The Council of Elrond (Opened)
#79007 Battle at Black Gate
#79012 Mirkwood Elf Army
#79013 Lake Town Chase
#79015 Witch King Battle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
#5002127 Flashback Shredder (Opened)
#79100 Kraang Lab Escape (Opened)
#79101 Shredders Dragon Bike (Opened)
#79102 Stealth Shell in Pursuit (Opened)
#79103 Turtle Lair Attack (Opened)
#79104 Shellraiser Street Chase (Opened)
#79105 Baxter Robot Rampage (Opened)
Star Wars
#5002122 TC-4 (x2)
#5002948 C-3PO
#30276 First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter
#9496 Desert Skiff
Super Heroes

#76021 The Milano Spaceship Rescue
#76040 Brainiac Attack
#76014 Spider-trike Vs Electro
#76039 Ant-Man Final Battle
#76031 Hulkbuster Smash
#40158 Pirates Chess Set (Box is damaged a little)
#70409 Shipwreck Defence (Opened)
#70410 Soldiers Outpost
#70411 Treasure Island (Opened)
#70412 Soldier's Fort
Magazines (all bags still unopened and stuck to the magazine)
Chima Issue 1 (Ewar)
Chima Issue 2 (Razcal)
Chima Issue 3 (Grumlo)
Ninjago Issue 1 (Kai)
Friends Issue 1 (Charlie the Puppy)
Star Wars Issue 1 (X-Wing)
Star Wars Issue 2 (Slave 1)
Star Wars Issue 3 (Imperial Shooter!?!)
Star Wars Issue 4 (Star Destroyer)
Star Wars Issue 7 (Millenium Falcon)
Blocks Pilot Issue
Blocks Issue 1-11

CMF Team GB Weightlifter
CMF Team GB Brawny Boxer
CMF Team GB Horse Rider
CMF Series 2 Pop Star
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