Pop-up Himeji Castle

datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,459

Not mine, would not even have a clue how to begin, but I think this is the most impressive LEGO MOC I have ever seen.



  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,291
    crazy. I have a slight clue how that works, looks like flatening a cardboard box
  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,788
    This is astonishing. 
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,913
    I'm impressed without the folding.  Am I wrong to assume the Airjitsu Temple doesn't do that?
  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,404
    @SumoLego - Try it and see. Make a video, same music as this one.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,913
    That video would be astonishing for a who different set of reasons...
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,366
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,374
    That was amazing...

    Although, that music was enough to make me want to destroy something. Can you imagine having to listen to that all day? Also, all that math and engineering and he couldn't place that on some sort of rotating table? I don't know what was more agonizing;  the music or watching him rotate that 360 degrees. Leave it to me to focus on that instead of the genius of the project ;)
  • Jackad7Jackad7 Wisconsin Member Posts: 486
    After watching that a second time I could make some references about the way that it...erm....raises itself.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,913
  • dutchlegofan50dutchlegofan50 Zwolle, NetherlandsMember Posts: 200
    The way this thing is presented... I just feel a bit uncomfortable with it. It all looks so technical. I'm missing passion, all I see is obsession. My opinion though. 
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,913
    Since the fold-up storybook is being released, any chance we'll get something like this next?
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 The Northwest, USAMember Posts: 1,567
    ^I heard from Purple Dave that it will be a Black VIP card bonus gift.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 5,826
    SumoLego said:
    Since the fold-up storybook is being released, any chance we'll get something like this next?
    Not quite Halloween yet so still too early for necromancy. Or are you just practicing?
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