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Fairy Bricks donation, bulk bricks/wheels/plates/9v/technic etc NEEDS TO GO!

joel4motionjoel4motion United KingdomMember Posts: 959
Hello all,

The previous thread below this one better explains how this all came around but my circumstances are about to change for various reasons so I need to clear the remainder of the bulk Lego donated to Fairy Bricks.

Ive never bought nor sold bulk lego bricks so I'm at the mercy of the interested party. It is all going to charity so fair offers please!

Approx 15kg of straight up bricks and plates. Mostly 70's/80's colours so black/white/red/yellow/clear. Whites are mostly dirty, other colours are in good condition. Plates are varied in size and colour, some green some blue.

Approx 2kg of wheels and tyres in various sizes. Think there is quite a lot of trains wheels and small car sets due to the amount of 2x4 with hole bricks.

Approx 2kg of straight up Technic beams in blue/black/yellow and red. Small selection of arms and beams in other colours.

2 Technic trays full of pins/cogs/axles/racks/bushings/gears/connectors etc 

There is a load of 1980's technic instructions so id send these if anyone wanted the bulk of the technic bits.

Pictures tell a thousand words so have a look and let me know. If there is no interest ill lump it all into one lot and put it on ebay!


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