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Set 21127: The Fortress

ethanjwallethanjwall United StatesMember Posts: 118
Alright, guys, I have just now seen the pictures for this set over on Brickset and I must say, it does look impressive as a build, but much like the Insult on Hoth, it is poorly named, in my opinion. It has about 3-5 brick high walls with a couple of towers. I am a Minecraft buff, however, so I'll be getting this set anyway, most likely. 


  • ethanjwallethanjwall United StatesMember Posts: 118
    Although, it is fair to say, it does look like it has quite a few new parts to go along with it. :D
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,089
    @ethanjwall I think that it's a pretty good interpretation of a player-built structure of this type, especially given the piece count and price point. I'm certainly looking forward to getting it, when it is released. Still no release date, though. :-(
  • ethanjwallethanjwall United StatesMember Posts: 118
    @JudgeChuck: I do agree, based on the price point and piece count, there's not much else they could've done with it. Although, I would've rather them bulked up the actual walls on the outside and added 50 or so pieces and bumped the price a bit. :)
  • It's not a real LEGO Fortress without...

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