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WTTF: SW610 (Boba Fett UCS Slave I)

Brick_ObsessionBrick_Obsession in a "Brick" house - Calgary, AlbertaMember Posts: 656
I am looking to trade for a SW610 Boba Fett from the UCS Slave I set.  I have the following below to trade.  If you have an extra one and would like to trade just let me know what you would like from the list below.


Star Wars:
SW101    x 17    Snowtrooper, Light Gray Hips, White Hands
SW102    x 4    AT-AT Driver
SW127    x 6    Clone Trooper Ep.3 with Jet Pack on Back, 'Aerial Trooper'
SW188    x 3    Stormtrooper (Black Head, Dotted Mouth Pattern)
Sw036A    x 1    Stormtrooper (Light Flesh Head)
SW221    x 1    Clone Gunner
SW122    x 4    Stormtrooper (Printed Legs)
SW036    x 1    Stormtrooper (Yellow Head)
SW299    x 6    Bomb Squad Trooper
SW296    x 3    Mandalorian
SW166    x 2    Shadow Trooper
SW005    x 2    Scout Trooper
SW118    x 1    Clone Pilot
SW380    x 1    Clone Commander Gree 
SW262    x 3    AT-AT Driver Hoth Battle Pack
SW201    x 2    Clone Trooper Clone Wars
SW131    x 1    Scout Trooper Ep.3, 'Kashyyyk Trooper'
SW396    x 1    Boba Fett (9496)


LOR011    x 10    Moria Orc - Olive Green
LOR019    x 1    Uruk-hai - Berserker
LOR038    x 1    Yazneg
LOR018    x 1    Ringwraith
LOR032    x 10    Goblin Soldier 2
LOR006    x 2    Uruk-hai
LOR048    x 7    Hunter Orc with Quiver
LOR025    x 5    Lurtz
LOR023    x 10    Mordor Orc - Dark Tan


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