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FS: Mini-fig Lot (Star Wars, Super Hero, CMF)

Brick_ObsessionBrick_Obsession in a "Brick" house - Calgary, AlbertaMember Posts: 656
Hey Guys,

I am cleaning out some of my Lego and I found a box with a lot of mini-figs I have collected or been given via trades in the past.  The list below will show around 147, but the number is closer to 200.  I am only looking to sell this as a lot as I do not want to piece meal these out and die of old age.  I have done my best to put the part number against most of them so they can be referenced.

I have not posted pictures as most are in individual bags and I do not want to pull them out.  I can make arrangements with you via PM for some pictures.

If you are interested, please PM with any questions plus an offer.

Super Hero

Loki – SH033

Alien General – SH029

Alien Foot Soldier – SH030

Poison Ivy – SH010

Cat Woman – SH006

Hawkeye – 034

Bane – SH062

Batman c/w Jet Pack – SH019

Star Wars

Aldar Beedo – SW006

Assassin Droid (Silver) – SW229 x 3

Bariss Offee Dark Blue Cape and Hood – SW379

Shaak Ti – SW309

Geonosian Zombie c/w Wings – SW382

Geonosian Warrior c/w Wings – SW381

Asajj Ventress Dark Blue Torso – SW195

Commando Droid – SW359 x 2

Lobot – SW049

Bespin Guard – SW150

Asajj Ventress Black Torso – SW318

Zev Senesca (Rebel Pilot) – SW260

Hoth Officer – SW258 x 3

Nute Gunray – SW242 x 2

Naboo Security Officer – SW022

Imperial Officer Hoth Battle Pack – SW261 x 2

Luminara Unduli – SW310

Naboo Fighter Pilot Tan Jacket – SW160

Hoth Rebel Trooper – SW259 x 2

Jar Jar Binks – SW301

Imperial Officer Hoth Battle Pack – SW261

Han Solo Young – SW357

Assassin Droid Elite Black – SW222 x 2

Zev Senesca (Rebel Pilot) Plain Helmet – SW354

Hondo Ohnaka – SW246

Battle Droid Pilot – SW360

Chewbacca (Brown) – SW011

Chewbacca (Reddish Brown) – SW011A

Wookie Warrior – SW132

Bariss Offee Black Cape and Hood – SW269

Boba Fett Pauldron – SW279

Princess Leia (White Dress) – SW175

Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars) – SW317

Naboo Fighter Pilot - Sw340

Luke Skywalker Pilot – SW019

Obi Wan Kenobi Young – SW234 x 2

Dak Ralter (Rebel Pilot) – SW012B

Rebel Engineer – SW030

Jawa c/w Cape – SW131

Rebel Pilot A-Wing – Sw031 x 2

Imperial AT-ST Pilot – SW093

Battle Droid Tan – SW001A

Gungan Soldier – SW013

Han Solo Brown Legs w/o Holster Pattern – SW015

Hoth Rebel – SW016

Jar Jar Binks – SW017

Luke Skywalker (Pilot) – SW019A

Luke Skywalker Skiff – SW020

Ewok Brown Hood (Wicket) – SW050

Tusken Raider – SW052

Super Battle Droid – SW056

Battle Droid Geonosian – SW061 x 4

Geonosian – SW062 x 14

Geonosian c/w Wings – SW078 x 4

Ewok Tan Hood – SW067

Luke Skywalker Black Right Hand – SW068

Obi Wan Kenobi – SW069

Super Battle Droid – SW092

Hoth Rebel 2 – SW108 x 2

Stromtrooper (printed legs) x 6

Hoth Rebel 3 – SW167 x 2

Storm trooper (Yellow Head) – SW036 x 27

Sith Minifig Pack (Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine) c/w cards and stands – 3340

Boba Fett (c/w card and stand) – 3341

Scout Trooper (c/w card and stand) - 3342


Bunny Suit Guy x 3

Lizard Suit Guy

Chicken Suit Guy x 5

Super Wrestler x 2

Viking Woman

Piggy Guy Suit x 2


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