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Selling all my Star Wars sets

BigOnBricksBigOnBricks Member Posts: 23
I am really not into it anymore.  I want to focus on a few themes and not spread myself too thin.  All have instructions.  Some have been built, others still in the original bags.   I have bought/sold on Bricklink and can provide my username to check my feedback.  Please message me for details
7879 Hoth Echo Base
7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack
7915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter
7929 The Battle of Naboo
7930-1 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship
7956-1 Ewok Attack
7957-1 Sith Nightspeeder
7959-1 Geonosian Starfighter
7961-1 Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator
7962-1 Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's Podracers
7964-1 Republic Frigate
7965-1 Millennium Falcon
8017-1 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
8036-1 Separatist Shuttle
8038-1 The Battle of Endor
8084-1 Snowtrooper Battle Pack
8085-1 Freeco Speeder
8089-1 Hoth Wampa Cave
8091-1 Republic Swamp Speeder
8092-1 Luke's Landspeeder
8093-1 Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter
8097-1 Slave I
8128-1 Cad Bane's Speeder
8129-1 AT-AT Walker
9488-1 Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack
9489-1 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack
9490-1 Droid Escape
9491-1 Geonosian Cannon
9492-1 TIE Fighter
9494-1 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor
9496-1 Desert Skiff
9499-1 Gungan Sub
9516-1 Jabba's Palace
9674-1 Naboo Starfighter & Naboo
9675-1 Sebulba's Podracer & Tatooine
9676-1 TIE Interceptor & Death Star
9677-1 X-wing Starfighter & Yavin 4
9678-1 Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin
9679-1 AT-ST & Endor

10198-1 Tantive IV
30050-1 Republic Attack Shuttle
30051-1 Mini X-wing
30052-1 AAT
30053-1 Republic Attack Cruiser
30054-1 AT-ST
30246-1 Imperial Shuttle
75000-1 Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas
75001-1 Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers
75003-1 A-wing Starfighter
75005-1 Rancor Pit
75006-1 Jedi Starfighter & Planet Kamino
75007-1 Republic Assault Ship & Planet Coruscant
75008-1 TIE Bomber & Asteroid Field
75012-1 BARC Speeder with Sidecar
2856197-1 Shadow ARF Trooper
5000063-1 TC-14
5001621-1 Han Solo (Hoth)


  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Studley, UKMember Posts: 1,643
    Where are you? 
  • suprajamessuprajames UK SussexMember Posts: 366
    If you are uk would really be interested in the rancor pit.
  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,842
    Nice list and thank you for putting it in numerical order, helps alot! Although as mentioned above, location would be helpful.
  • suprajamessuprajames UK SussexMember Posts: 366
    Are we any closer to getting a location ? Just some really nice sets for sale here.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,059
    IP address suggests the USA.
  • suprajamessuprajames UK SussexMember Posts: 366
    Thank you Huw, hope the prices are very good then
  • RaiRai EarthMember Posts: 4
    I'm interested
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