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Instructions for US Capitol Building in miniland scale?

NatebwNatebw Tampa BayMember Posts: 339
I was talking to someone today who is an engineer and recently went to LegoLand Florida. He has decided that he wants to build a MiniLand scale version of the US Capitol Building, but he doesn't MOC so we wants instructions. He says he looked online but only found the small architecture version. Any know of LDD files or anything else that he could use as a guide?

Any help is appreciated.  


  • bricktuarybricktuary EuropeMember Posts: 470
    I wonder how much that would cost.... A couple of thousand at least I'd say. 

    The bricks that is, not the instructions! 
  • DadsAFOLDadsAFOL USAMember Posts: 612
    Lego uses a proprietary software for their large models, so he's on his own to build it based on pictures.   There is an LDD repository over on but nothing large scale like this.  
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 498
    he could always upscale the 2016 US Capitol architecture set using that as a guide when it is released this summer from LEGO

  • NatebwNatebw Tampa BayMember Posts: 339
    I talked to him about upscaling. He is willing to do that but was really irritated by the small size an small number of pieces of the official architecture set.

    I don't really know why he set his mind on this... he may just have to MOC it.  
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