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[BNL] Mapping all LEGO stores in the Benelux

AragostaAragosta The NetherlandsMember Posts: 9
Lately I've been working on a map of all LEGO stores - both official and privately owned - in the Benelux area. If you click the link you'll see I have found a number of shops near my hometown of Rotterdam, a few in the wider area and not so many to the further north, east and south of me. That's why I want to ask you - the members of this forum - to suggest the stores and shops you think should be on this list.

I'm not looking for chain stores like Bart Smit, Dreamland or Intertoys. I aim for the privately owned shops that often maintain a webshop and have a small brick and mortar store or pick-up point.

So if you live in the Benelux and buy LEGO from a store that's not on my list, please share it in this thread!


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