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New Color Resource Photos!

LDMLDM Member Posts: 8
My Colorstream just got a huge upgrade, with all new photos :)[email protected]/albums/72157649729890049/page2

This time around, I used an 18% gray card to set the white balance, and kept the lighting very consistent between each photo. I also did very minimal (synchronized!) lighting/contrast adjustments in Photoshop. This results in the baseplate looking very nearly the same hue, saturation, and value in every single photo—which it should, since it's the same baseplate! This identical white balance allows for much easier side-by-side comparisons—like in Linus Bohman's Colorschemer tool!

Also, I used manual focus instead of auto-focus, with longer exposure times to
lengthen the depth-of-field, so the images are nice and crisp. I was more thorough
about removing dust and cat hair too, so it's prettier all around :c)


My other color resources:

A list of all known color info, far more complete and up-to-date than either
Peeron's or BrickLink's lists:

...and a timeline showing when colors were introduced and discontinued:[email protected]/15801189140




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