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Database & Site Improvement

agenthurtagenthurt Peoria, IL, USAMember Posts: 3
Hello, first post so hopefully I am in the right place.  I would like to suggest the addition of future release dates when they are known for sets.  This might be a logistical nightmare for our admins.  For example, it would be great to know the release wave on my current "wish list" items.  This would allow me to sort by release dates and calculate just how much pain my wallet is going to feel for summer 2016 wave!  

Best regards!


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,297
    They aren't always known *for sure* much in advance of release, and the dates are not constant across the world. The release dates are taken automatically from actual availability data.
  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,768
    I would like the reverse (ish), a list of sets that have retired by 'date retired' so you can see all the sets that have 'just' gone so you can keep an eye out, or pick it up swiftly on aftermarket before prices go crazy.
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,045
    I'd recommend either a crystal ball or tea leaves.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,357
    I can do that one, Geoff,, but as @ccc says, we don't kniow release dates with any accuracy normally, other than 'summer' or 'January'...
  • agenthurtagenthurt Peoria, IL, USAMember Posts: 3
    thank you for everyone's input, especially the super snarky ones ;)
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