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MIA: Marvel Super Heroes character encyclopaedia...

monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
I am sure there is a good reason why we still haven't seen a marvel character encyclopaedia, the trouble is I just can't think what it is.

Given we have Star Wars ones, it isn't an corporate issue, after all Disney own both brands and are happy to work with DK and there are other DK/Marvel books, including at least four other encyclopaedias currently in print. It isn't a lack of Lego sets and figures to show us, there are five years worth now, and it certainly isn't a lack of interest as a DK/Marvel Lego character book has the potential to sell faster than Quicksilver on performance enhancing drugs. So what is the issue? Which is a genuine question why haven't we seen one yet, it is very un-Disney like to miss a trick here?


  • YodaliciousYodalicious Member Posts: 1,366
    I was wondering the same thing. It must have something to do with the way Marvel licenses things. I thought about it when watching Big Bang Theory. In that show, they have mentioned Marvel things numerous times, had Marvel items appear (an Iron Man mask for instance), but as far as I can remember the characters in the show have never worn Marvel apparel. They have frequently had DC shirts on, but not Marvel. Similar to DK and DC LEGO books, but no Marvel ones.
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