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Let's Trade Poly Bags...

KottonKotton Member Posts: 55
edited April 2011 in Marketplace
I love the poly bags and I know you do too!

Anyone want to trade?

I have the following available:

30002-1: Police Boat - For Almost Anything
30031-1: World Race Powerboat
30032: World Race Buggy
30042: Mini Sub - For Almost Anything
30071: Army Jeep - For Almost Anything
2855045: Fire Chief
2855046: Black Falcon
4636204: NinjaGo promotional item - For Something Special
30081: Skeleton chopper
30083: Dragon Fight
30010: Fire Chief - For Almost Anything
30070: Alien Space Ship

I might be able to scrounge up a couple of these as well:

30054-1: AT-ST
30050-1: Republic Attack Shuttle
30051-1: X-wing Fighter
30005-1: Imperial Speeder Bike

I'm especially looking for these:

30006-1: Clone Walker
8031-1: V-19 Torrent
30061-1: Attack Wagon
20004-1: BrickMaster - Indiana Jones
20017-1: BrickMaster - Prince of Persia
30072-1: Woody's Camp Out
30073-1: Buzz's Mini Ship
2853590-1: Chrome Stormtrooper
4547551-1: Chrome Darth Vader
2855041-1: Imperial Soldier
2853835-1: White Boba Fett Figure
2855167-1: Holiday Santa Magnet 2010

Hit me up!!!


  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    Where do you live @Kotton, I'm guessing the US from the polybags you've managed to snag. Oh, and you and everyone else is looking for
  • MartinMartin Member Posts: 375
    I have some V-19 Torrents. Where are you?
  • KottonKotton Member Posts: 55
    I am in the US... New Jersey.
  • MartinMartin Member Posts: 375
    Ah, might cost a bit more to ship between UK and NJ than you were hoping for!
  • trax_3trax_3 Member Posts: 80
    I have a White Boba Fett if you are interested
  • KottonKotton Member Posts: 55
    Hey Trax, I don't know if you got my message (still trying to figure out te message board system). What are you looking for, for your Boba...
  • KelphazardKelphazard Member Posts: 101
    FOR TRADE, all are unopened unless stated otherwise

    Robin Hoodx2
    Circus Clownx1 (opened, minus trumpet)
    Demo Dummyx4
    4191 Captain's Cabin (only figures, opened)
    6209 Slave I Complete (opened)

    LOOKING FOR, in order of yearning

    8683 Zombie
    8684 Minifigures Series 2, I need all of them
    30141 {Jet-pack}
    5981 Raid VPR
    8864 Desert of Destruction
    8896 Snake Canyon
    8898 Wreckage Road
    20013 Neptune Microsub
    30031 World Race Powerboat
    30032 World Race Buggy
    5868 Ferocious Creatures
    6751 Fiery Legend
    4958 Monster Dino
    4416 Robo Pod
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    ^ have you got the box for your 6209?
  • KottonKotton Member Posts: 55
    Kelphazard, I sent you a message...:)
  • KelphazardKelphazard Member Posts: 101
    @Atkinsar No I dont have a box, but everything else is complete.
    @Kotton I dont think I got any messages from you, resend?
  • KottonKotton Member Posts: 55
    I have series 2 skiier, pharaoh, vampire, witch, disco dude, spartan, and Mexican

    I'm interested in your - robot, spaceman, caveman, cheerleader, cowboy, skater, and probably magician...

    Let me know if you want to try and work a trade...

    I'm in New Jersey...
  • war44lockwar44lock Member Posts: 75
    I'm in New Zealand and would love a white Boba Fett, we never got them here. I don't have much to trade but I have good old fashioned cash.
  • Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM Member Posts: 995
    I'm trying to build up my Star Wars polys.

    For trade, I have all (bar the SW) polys from the recent Sun newspaper promotion (though I suspect half the forum does also) which are:

    30080 - Ninja Glider
    30081 - Skeleton chopper
    30082 - Dragon Fight
    30090 - Desert Glider
    30091 - Desert Rover
    30130 - Mini Black Pearl
    30131 - Jack Sparrow's Boat

    I'd be somewhat reluctant to let go the two POTC polys but would if the right SW ones came along. A lot of SW ones I'm looking for would be rare so I'm not going to post them all, but I'd love to get my hands on:

    8033 - General Grievous' Starfighter
    20007 - Republic Attack Cruiser
    20019 - Slave I

  • achillespdxachillespdx Member Posts: 106
    Hi Everyone, I'm located in Portland, OR USA and I'm looking to finish off my Toy Story collection. I'm MISSING the following Polybags:
    30070 - Alien Space Ship
    30072 - Woody's Camp Out
    30073 - Buzz's Mini Ship

    I only have one polybag available FOR TRADE, but I can get as many of them as someone wants - the Target stores around here have these coming out of their ears:
    30071 - Army Jeep

    I do remember one store having a bunch of Atlantis polybags, but I don't remember the set number.
  • kylejohnson11kylejohnson11 Member Posts: 508
    Anybody with Poly Bags to trade looking for any Series 2 minifigures?

    Portland, OR, US will ship World Wide
  • achillespdxachillespdx Member Posts: 106
    I now have an extra 30015 Jet Ski for trade and could get more if people want them.
  • prof1515prof1515 Member Posts: 1,550
    I've got a pair of 30062 Target Practice that I don't want but no doubt plenty of others have them as well.
  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 531
    Just thought I would Post my wanted list to see if anyone has any tades

    My wanted list is pretty small but will consider other things or other poly sets, I do have all the other Mirror and Sun promotions over the years, but if there is one you have and I have a poly you want then message me.

    My wanted list

    2856197-1: Shadow ARF Trooper selaed or unsealed. I have a white Boba Fett sealed that I would be willing to trade for this.

    The others are

    30072 - Woody's Camp Out
    30073 - Buzz's Mini Ship x2
    40019 - Brickley The Sea Serpent
    20009 - Star Wars AT-TE Walker
    20010 - Star Wars Republic Gunship

    The poly's I have to trade for these ( all sealed ) are

    30070 - Alien Space Ship x 2
    30071 - Army Jeep
    30010 - Fire car
    30011 - Police dinghy
    30012 - Microlight
    30013 - Police Quad
    30014 - Police Helicopter
    30015 - Jet Ski x3
    8073 - Manta Warrior ( a small box not a poly)
    30023 - Creator Lighthouse
    30050 - Republic Attack Shuttle x3
    30008 - Creator snowman
    30009 - Creator christmas tree
    7800 - Racers car
    7803 - Creator van

    I am in the UK, and would consider UK and Europe trades. Message me if you have any of my wants. Thanks
  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 531
    I also have the Black embossed Star Wars book x2 that would also trade for the sealed polys I am after.

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