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Custom Mace Windu Jedi Interceptor

carnage717carnage717 U.S.AMember Posts: 166
o my next custom interceptor is one for  Mace Windu. This is sort of based off the Hasbro Transformers Interceptor which is where the purple color comes from. For this one I fixed alot of the problems people have been complaining about, most notably the front section by just below the canopy where you could see the technic holes and the cockpit. I alos filed in the back, lengthened the engines and added some angled part to the bottom to cover up the stupid missile shooters. To finish it off I made a custom color sticker sheet for it based on the sticker sheet from set 75135 and fixing a few issues with the sticker sheet like rotating the open circle fleet symbol 90 degrees to match the movie version of the interceptor. Overall I'm really happy how this turned out and I think it fixes a ton of issues with the set. I think im going to end up ordering all the parts I used for this one and fix my office 75135 set, especially the cockpit part.

photo IMG_1842.jpg photo IMG_1843.jpg photo IMG_1844.jpg photo IMG_1845.jpg photo IMG_1846.jpg photo IMG_1847.jpg


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