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Simpsons set for 2017?

Hi, I am new to the forum but am an avid follower of Brickset since several years.  I could not find a discussion about the Simpsons.  Are there any rumors about the Simpsons for 2017, new set, new minifigures.  I have the house, Kwik-E-Mart and the 2 series of figures.   Thank you.


  • blue2003avalancheblue2003avalanche Member Posts: 5
    Sorry, I should of typed 2016, looks like I need some time off...
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,216
    This should probably be up in the Collecting section.  @CapnRex101.
  • fourstudfourstud Member Posts: 1,370
    Nothing for 2016. There's a Minifigures D2C slated for September but it will not be Simpsons.
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo Member Posts: 497
    @CM4S Is there any word on what exactly that might be?  Rumours as I must have missed it if there has been any.

  • fourstudfourstud Member Posts: 1,370
    Nothin' yet. @tallblocktoo
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo Member Posts: 497
    I was hoping for more Simpsons as well but as I have seen discussed elsewhere there are possibly no either great items to build that Lego would care to do. 

  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,040
    could this new D2C be linked with the new Disney CMF this year?

  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    I doubt there will be any more Simpsons. They've dropped a year for the CMF, so it is unlikely that they will come back.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,216
    It's definitely run its course.  I don't think we've ever seen Lego let something linger.

    (So don't hold your breath on another wave of JW, or Scooby-Doo.)
  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 Member Posts: 1,827
    But hopefully we will see the dinosaurs again in a Johnny Thunder or A Marvel Savage Land  theme.
  • YodaliciousYodalicious Member Posts: 1,366
    ^ Or the JW sequel.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,216
    I would assume we'll have a new set of JWII sets.  In 2018 or whenever that sure-to-be-terrible sequel does spectacular box office...
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    It's been a few years, but there are now rumours of more Simpsons sets

    based on an apparent answer from Matt Groening at a non-recorded panel discussion.

  • PyrobugPyrobug Member Posts: 179
    I don't care what anyone says, I enjoyed the theme. The Simpsons House was the first set I bought as an adult and then I got everything else later. However unlikely it is, I'm hopeful they will revisit The Simpsons at some point.
  • NeilJamNeilJam Member Posts: 272
    Would love for the Simpsons to come back to Lego (when I have money again), but not holding my breath here.
  • msandersmsanders Member Posts: 1,017
    I loved the theme and would welcome a return. For me, the Simpsons house was so unique at the time - such a complete house, 4 walls, it opens out, tiled floors etc. I loved It! Whilst the exteria is not comparable to the Modulars, it was never going to be based off of the source material. 

    The Ewik-E-Mart was also amazing with so many details inside. I have very fond memories of playing with both sets with my son - a house and a supermarket, what's there not to like for a kid?!

    The school or power plant would be great. Preferably the school....
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Member Posts: 5,441
    Ewik-E-Mart? Is that the online store? ;)
  • ^ No, just their Endor branch.
  • msandersmsanders Member Posts: 1,017
    Lol. Yep, the Ewiks love It! They are the other furry species to inhabit Endor. The Ewoks are not allowed to shop there. 

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