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Has anyone ever been to these events? Are they any good for AFOLs?
Was supposed to take my nephew tomorrow, but his family didn't plan well. Now i'm stuck with the tix and trying to figure out if i'm gonna make the trek from NYC or not ...


  • hleonffuhleonffu USAMember Posts: 229
    I have gone to this event the last 2 years. It is a lot of fun for everyone including AFOLs. Last year, a few LUGs had displays. There are free build areas, including monochrome area (blocks of single color). I am looking forward to the mosaic walls. There is so much to do and see that you will run out of time.
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    We went to it last month when it was here in Ohio. The whole family had a blast but to be honest if it was just me and I had a long trip I'm not sure I do it. There are a few things for AFOLs to enjoy but its geared for kids. Expect long lines and massive crowds. The LEGO store they have set up was so jammed packed I gave up the notion of trying to buy anything or even get close enough to the shelves to see what all was there. There were some neat large models made from LEGO and some really cool layouts for various themes. Other than that there was very little I found interesting for myself. It was all about letting our kids go LEGO crazy!
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    Bummed I can't go, friends are in from out of town.
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    Anyone heading there might want to stop at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center where there is a 365 square foot LEGO train layout. to learn more.
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    Great event last weekend! My family had a blast. Lego pile, Duplo Bridge building, Car racing, Ninjago, woohoo! Some great deals too! There was free ninjago figure and spinner if you participated in an event, we did! The on-site Lego store had great deals on Pharoh and Prince of Persia stuff. Pharoh pyramid and sphinx were 50% off and the Prince of Persia sets were 77% off! (So 3 PoP sets = $20) Crazy! It is like Christmas in my living room right now. (maybe that's not good...) OH and on the way out there was a small duplo brick with the kids fest logo as a thank you and people asking you to fill out survey for a gift. I figured the gift was the brick, but I said yes anyway. Well I was wrong! Both my boys got the Shadow ARF trooper! That is a gift for sure!
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    We were there too. We probably spent half an hour in front of the AFOL Rube Goldberg soccer ball contraption. My 6-year-old was completely transfixed and is determine to replicate it at home. We met Dan the Master Builder, who answered dozens of questions and gave our boy an ARF trooper. Really a terrific day.
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