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Suggestions to motorize the Mars Rover set and its functions

Hi!  I need some help, please.  

I am looking for some suggestions.

My daughter is building the Mars Rover set (go here for the details: for a presentation at school.  (No it the rover is not part of the grade).   I told her I would help make it operate by remote control with one of the power function kits. Problem is that it is a lot more complex than I thought. (I have no experience at the expert LEGO building).   

I think I can maybe get it moving with a remote, receiver, and simple motor attached to one wheel, but I do not have any idea how to do the steering and don’t know how to move any of the other functions (camera, antenna, robotic arm). see

So, to steer, I use a servo?

How do I operate the other things, more servos?

Maybe a piston on the robotic arm?

Do I need to reinforce the steering or change it completely?  If so, what should I use?  There are some pre-made chassis available on eBay that might work and a found a MOC of a MAP chassis that might too.

Any suggestions to help me figure out what I need to do and what to buy to easily make this work would be much appreciated.



  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Studley, UKMember Posts: 1,643
    edited February 2016
    Doesn't look like much space to fit anything in there motor/battery/receiver wise so it should be fun ;).
    A different motor for each middle wheel will be the easiest driving/steering method I would guess.  As for the rest of it, I have no idea how you will fit any motors/pistons in without making the whole thing a lot bigger.
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